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Maja Michalewska


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Hi! I am Maja,

As a Visionary Leader, Transformational Leadership Coach, and Wellness Expert I am here to support changemakers and sustainability leaders build a strong foundation of wellness and growth so they can bring about positive change in the world without sacrificing their own well-being.

Maja’s unique blend of expertise in sustainability, leadership, and wellness has made her a sought-after speaker and educator in the sustainability field. Drawing on the latest research and her years of experience as a sustainability expert, Maja is committed to transforming the approach to sustainability by empowering leaders to step into their full potential through self-leadership.

Leadership Wellness Program

VIP 1 : 1 Package.  3-month Wellness program based on time-tested transformational wellness science – Ayurveda. 

Transformational Leadership Coaching

VIP 1:1 9-week Package. Unlock your full potential as a female leader and reclaim your birthright to contribute your gifts at the highest level and fully step into the path of your destiny. 

Elevated Leadership BOOK! 

I am so thirlled to announce that in the coming months, my first book will be launched. 

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